Golden Anchor

About US


We are general contractors which specialize in PETROLEUM PRODUCTarticle abstract definitionS, VEHICLE EQUIPMENT LEASING, GENERAL CONTRACTORS, WOOD SUPPLIES, STONE QUARRIES AND CONFECTIONERY. fit-out and restoration projects. Our long standing family tradition and expertise in the Nigerian industry has ensured a quality service to all our customers.

Our mission

To be a world-class independent energy company delivering premium value to all stakeholders.

Our Vision

To sustainably deliver profitable, diversified enerideas for an informative essaygy solutions through operational excellence, skilled workforce and effective partnership.

Our Policies

Safety PolicyQuality PolicyEnvironmental Policy

As Directors of Golden Anchor Limited, we acknowledge that we are ultimately accountable for the Company’s adherence to Health and Safety Legislation. The Company is committed to ensuring, so far as is reasonably practicable, the workplace health and safety of our employees, sub-contractors, customers, visitors at our place of work and any other person that may be affected by the day to day work activities of our Company. We believe that accidents are preventable and will take all reasonable steps to ensure accident prevention in our workplace.

It is our company policy to provide high quality, well designed petroleum products supplier solutions through a professional approach to the construction process with special emphasis given to management of costs, scheduling, attention to detail and flexibility in analyzing and resolving complex problems.

Golden Anchor Limited is committed to minimizing waste and pollution. The responsibility for implementing environmental procedures rests with the company’s management & staff. The company sees that environmental awareness is paramount in the Nigerian industry.